Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Gubo, C. Ebensperger, W. Meyer, L. Hammer, K. Heinz, F. Mittendorfer, J. Redinger:
"Tuning the Growth Orientation of Epitaxial Films by Interface Chemistry";
Physical Review Letters, 108 (2012), 0661011 - 0661014.

English abstract:
The support of epitaxial films frequently determines their crystallographic orientation, which is of
crucial importance for their properties. We report a novel way to alter the film orientation without
changing the substrate. We show for the growth of CoO on the Ir(100) surface that, while the oxide grows
in (111) orientation on the bare substrate, the orientation switches to (100) by introducing a single (or a
few) monolayer(s) of Co between the oxide and substrate. This tunability of the orientation of epitaxial
films by the appropriate choice of interface chemistry most likely is a general feature.

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