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K. Igenbergs, J. Schweinzer, A. Veiter, L. Perneczky, E. Frühwirth, M. Wallerberger, R.E. Olson, F. Aumayr:
"Charge exchange and ionisation in N7+-, N6+-, C6+- H(n = 1,2) collisions studied systematically by theoretical approaches";
Journal of Physics B: Atomic , Molecular and Optical Physics, 45 (2012), 0652031 - 06520321.

English abstract:
The introduction of gases like nitrogen or neon for cooling the edge region of magnetically
confined fusion plasmas has triggered a renewed interest in state-selective cross sections
necessary for plasma diagnostics by means of charge exchange recombination spectroscopy.
To improve the quality of spectroscopic data analysis, charge exchange and ionization cross
sections for N7+ + H(n = 1, 2) have been calculated using two different theoretical approaches,
namely the atomic-orbital close-coupling method and the classical trajectory Monte Carlo
method. Total and state-resolved charge exchange cross sections are presented in detail.
In the second part, we compare two collision systems involving equally charged ions, C6+ and
N6+ on atomic hydrogen. The analysis of the data leads to the conclusion that deviations
between these two impurity ions are practically negligible. This finding is very helpful when
calculating cross sections for collision systems with heavier not completely stripped impurity

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