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H. Psaier, B. Satzger, D. Schall, S. Dustdar:
"Skill Evolution and Auctioning in Market-Based Crowdsourcing";
Talk: SOA Seminar, FBK, Trento, Italy (invited); 2012-02-01.

English abstract:
The recent trend towards social and collaborative platforms can be observed by looking at the success of various Web-based platforms that have attracted a huge number of users. This applies also for a particular type, the crowdsourcing platforms which are online, distributed problem-solving and production models that have emerged in recent years.
Apart from the benefit of collective intelligence with multiple, redundant workforce, many of the challenges of crowdsourcing are related to its distributed and open nature. The main challenges remain how to organize and manage the crowd and identify potentially missing skills. In detail, managing and adapting the crowds skills and resources in an automated manner in crowdsourcing remains challenging. Crowd customers prefer fully automated deployment of their tasks to a crowd, just as in common business process models.
> This talk discusses an approach to find suitable workers for a task and to provide the customer with satisfying quality. Furthermore, methodologies to maintain a motivated base of crowd members with a skill evolution model are presented. Results of the conducted experiments will be discussed.

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