M.-A. Néouze, M. Litschauer, M. Puchberger, J. Bernardi:
"Ionic Bis-Nanoparticle Networks";
Monatshefte für Chemie, 143 (2012), 4; S. 519 - 525.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A newly arising challenge in the field of nanoparticle research concerns the control and the understanding of the interparticle interactions, and interparticle properties. This should allow the development of materials based on nanoparticle assemblies which represents a great perspective to exploit nanoparticle collective properties. If some nanoparticle networks were already reported, few work are addressing the highly exciting problematic of forming bis-nanoparticle assemblies, where two different types of nanoparticles are present. In this article we will report an original synthesis pathway for the formation of an ionic bis-nanoparticle network, silica / silver, based on the formation of an imidazolium bridging unit. The reaction for the formation of the bridging imidazolium can be considered as a click-chemistry like reaction. The principle of formation of the metal / metal oxide hybrid composite material starts from the formation of a metal oxide nanoparticle modified with imidazole ligand. This composite formation is then very general and could be extended to other metal / metal oxide composites.

Nanoparticles; Imidazolium; Hybrid materials; Green synthesis

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Projektleitung Marie-Alexandra Néouze:
Ionische Verknüpfung von Nanopartikeln

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