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J. Träff:
"Scalability, Expressivity and Performance Portability of Message-Passing Interface(s)";
Talk: VSC Workshop Vienna Scientific Cluster, Neusiedl/See, Austria (invited); 2012-02-27 - 2012-02-28.

English abstract:
The Message-Passing Interface (MPI), which has been the predominant
interface for application development of scientific applications from
the late 90ties, has proven surprisingly robust and enabled scaling
from the originally envisioned hundreds to thousands of processes to
the currently largest HPC systems with several hundred thousand of
supported MPI processes. Nevertheless the interface has design
features that will eventually hamper its scalability; and some of
these are linked to asymmetries in design that affect the expressivity
of the interface for certain applications. This talk will discuss some
of these problems and relate them to issues of performance portability
of message-passing applications, and is intended as an introduction to
some of the research themes of the new research group for "Parallel
Computing" at the TU Wien.

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