S. Helm, M. Kozek, S. Jakubek:
"Combustion Torque Estimation and Misfire Detection for Calibration of Combustion Engines by Parametric Kalman Filtering";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (eingeladen), 59 (2012), 11; S. 4326 - 4337.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this contribution a new estimation method for
the inner combustion torque of internal combustion engines
and a misfire detection algorithm are presented. The torque
estimate is based on a parametric Kalman filter using the
measurements available on commercial engine testbeds. The
combustion torque is modeled as a superposition of specially
designed basis functions. Excellent noise attenuation, phasefree
estimation, and robust parametrization result from the
chosen structure. Misfire detection is achieved by an interacting
multiple model (IMM) approach, where two dedicated Kalman
filters for each cylinder represent regular operation and misfire,
respectively. This approach enables reliable detection of the actual
cylinder state early in the combustion phase. The functionality
and performance of the new method is illustrated by means of
simulation examples and test-bed results.

Kalman filter, torque estimation, misfire detection, combustion engine, test-bed

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