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M. Laner, P. Svoboda, M. Rupp:
"Latency Analysis of 3G Network Components";
Talk: European Wireless Conference EW'12, Poznan; 04-17-2012 - 04-20-2012; in: "Proceedings of the European Wireless Conference EW'12", (2012), 8 pages.

English abstract:
Latency in 3G wireless cellular networks is relatively
high by design. Hence, optimizing latency will be the key task
for improving quality of experience in future mobile networks.
This work is a precise dissection of the delay contributions of
each element in an operational HSPA cellular network, both
in uplink and downlink. The deployed methodology is active
probing combined with time-synchronized sensing nodes. The
latter enable the tracing of packets on every interfaces along the
data-path in a 3G network. Our results show that the major
delays are introduced at the user terminal side. Interestingly,
each network component shows a higher processing time for
data in downlink than in uplink. Further, we assess latency
increases carried by the use of legacy network equipment. For
reproducibility of the results we provide models for the delay
of each HSPA network component. Our findings enable (i)
to estimate latencies in existing networks for simulations and
network planning and, (ii) to identify reasonable starting points
for research on latency reduction in future networks.

latency delay measurement hspa cellular network

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