Publications in Scientific Journals:

Y. Losovyj, S. Li, N. Lozova, K. Katsiev, D. Stellwagen, U. Diebold, L. Kong, C. Lumar:
"Evidence for s-d Hybridization Au38 Clusters";
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (2012), 9; 5857 - 5861.

English abstract:
Resonant enhancement is seen in some gold clusters at the
gold 4f7/2 and 4f5/2 threshold, indicative of an f to d transition. The existence
of such resonance is generally not observed in ultrasmall Au nanoclusters
because this resonant transition is forbidden in atomic gold, as gold represents
a filled 5d106s1 system. Here we report, for the first time, the presence of a
strong resonant enhancement in photoemission at the 4f7/2 threshold and a
weaker resonant enhancement at the 4f5/2 threshold, in the open (undressed)
Au38 cluster system, indicating not only an f to d Coster−Kronig resonance
but also s−d hybridization, much like what is observed in gold films. This f to
d Coster−Kronig photoemission resonance is not observed in the "undressed"
thiol-terminated gold clusters characteristic of far more localized orbitals.
These results indicate that the unusual catalytic properties of ultrasmall gold
nanoclusters such as Au38 are not a result of localized orbitals, which is the case
in a molecular system.

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