B. Basnar, M. Litschauer, G. Strasser, M.-A. Néouze:
"Analyzing imidazolium bridging in nanoparticle networks covalently linked to silicon substrates";
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (2012), 16; S. 9343 - 9350.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We report the characterization of the formation of an imidazolium bridging unit in the synthesis of titania based nanoparticle networks. By using a combination of different analytical techniques, such as ellipsometry or atomic force microscopy, we are able to show that the nanoparticles are indeed covalently bound to the substrate. By oxidation of the organic linker after monolayer formation, covalently bound, fully inorganic nanoparticle monolayer structures are obtained. Furthermore, the layer-by-layer deposition method is extended to the synthesis of thin films containing, in a controlled manner and at the same time, silica and titania nanoparticles.

XPS, ellipsometry, AFM, nanoparticles, imidazolium, titania, silica

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Ionische Verknüpfung von Nanopartikeln

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