Scientific Reports:

B. Schmit, N. Heschmat, S. Dustdar, G. Müller, J. Solarz:
"Towards an Open Source e-Governance Solution";
Report No. TUV-1841-2006-39, 2006; 12 pages.

English abstract:
Electronic Governance is becoming a more and more important topic in
legislative bodies worldwide. In this paper, we present the architecture of an open toolsuite developed for the European Union project MetaLoGo, which aims to support Latin American municipalities with e-governance solutions. It has been developed using only open source components and is fully available under an open source license. The core components are a content management system providing the Web portal, a workflow management system handling administrative processes, and a customer relationship management system. The toolsuite can be deployed on outdated hardware as well and does not impose any license costs.

e-governance, content management, workflow management

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