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A. Malik, A. Manzoor, S. Dustdar:
"Context-Aware Privacy and Sharing Control in Collaborative Mobile Applications";
in: "Handbook of Research on Mobile Software Engineering: Design, Implementation, and Emergent Applications (2 Volumes)", P. Alencar, D. Cowan (ed.); IGI Global, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-61520-655-1, 427 - 441.

English abstract:
Mobile applications are being used in every field of life. Latest advances in mobile computing technology and applications make it a new level of communication proxy for its users. Despite their power as
personalized service provider and an internet connected computing device, mobile systems have their inherent limitations, like small display area and limited power and memory, which must be handled
in mobile-based applications. Context-awareness is being used to cope with the limitations of mobile systems and is an important area of recent research on mobile and ubiquitous system. Context plays a
fundamental role in awareness applications. Activities of mobile users can be monitored by the context provided through sensors connected with user and her environment. One of the basic requirements in context-aware mobile applications is privacy and sharing control in Collaborative Working Environment (CWE). Sharing control, in the authors´ system, is the distributed and dynamic control of sharing policies and information being shared. Dynamic nature of context is helpful in making automated decisions based
on the current situation, for example, dynamic adaptation of level of context information being shared among collaborating users, dynamic adaptation of sharing control decisions, and dynamic adaptation
of rules for sharing control.

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