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H. Beck, T. Eiter, T. Krennwallner:
"Inconsistency Managment for Traffic Regulations";
Talk: The AAAI 2012 Workshop on Semantic Cities, Toronto, Canada; 2012-07-23; in: "The AAAI 2012 Workshop on Semantic Cities", B. Srivastava, F. Lecue, A. Joshi (ed.); AAAI Press, Technical Report WS-12-13 (2012), ISBN: 978-1-57735-578-6; Paper ID 1, 6 pages.

English abstract:
Smart Cities is a vision driven by the availability of governmental data that fosters many challenging applications. One of them is the management of inconsistent traffic regulations, i.e., the handling of inconsistent traffic signs and measures in urban areas such as wrong sign posting, or errors in data acquisition in traffic sign administration software. We investigate such inconsistent traffic scenarios and formally model traffic regulations. Based on this, we consider relevant reasoning tasks including consistency testing, diagnosis, and repair, and present an implementation of the these tasks using answer set programming. The results of this research may improve existing governmental software maintaining traffic regulations.

Answer Set Programming, Inconsistency Management, Traffic Regulations

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