Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

A. Konev:
"Reasoning with RDF(S) and F-Logic";
Supervisor: T. Eiter, S. Heymans, T. Krennwallner; Institut für Informationssysteme, 2012; final examination: 2012-04-12.

English abstract:
The Resource Description Framework RDF is a language for representing information about resources in the World Wide Web. The RDF semantics specification defines several entailment relations for RDF graphs. Additionally, D-entailment and its semantic weakening D∗-entailment extend other entailment relations of RDF to be capable for datatypes. Frame logic is a formalism that provides a logical foundation for frame-based and object-oriented languages for data and knowledge representation and possesses a specific entailment relation. In this work we present a novel concept of an extended RDF graph that corresponds to an RDF graph merged with a Frame Logic program. Exploiting embeddings of RDF in logic, we attempt to bridge the foundation gap between the two formalisms. We specify different types of entailment for extended RDF graphs and consider the datatype support. In order to show the feasibility of the introduced notion for practical applications, we develop a reasoning tool that reduces the problem of checking entailment between extended RDF graphs to reasoning over an answer set program. For such reasoning, our tool utilizes existing answer set program solvers. Finally, we analyze the performance of the implemented tool on large real-life test cases.

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