Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. Igenbergs, M. Wallerberger, J. Schweinzer, F. Aumayr:
"Atomic-Orbital Close-Coupling Calculations for Collisions Involving Fusion Relevant Highly Charged Impurity Ions Using Very Large Basis Sets";
AIP Conference Proceedings, 1438 (2012), 232 - 235.

English abstract:
The atomic-orbital close-coupling formalism is a well-known method for the semiclassical
treatment of ion-atom collisions. Cross sections for these kinds of collisions are mainly
needed in the analysis of certain spectroscopic data from nuclear fusion experiments as well as
astrophysical data. We shall outline how the computational implementation can be improved in
such a way that collisions involving heavy, highly charged impurity ions, such as Ar18+ can be
treated. Furthermore we show and discuss exemplary results.

electron capture, charge transfer, cross section, ion-atom collision, atomic-orbital close-coupling

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