Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

M. Roca Ros:
"Simulation of communication within robotic fleet in agricultural environment";
Supervisor: S. Tomic, C. Mecklenbräuker; Institute of Telecommunications, 2012; final examination: 05-23-2012.

English abstract:
A "networked robot" is a robotic device connected to a communications network such as the Internet or LAN, wired or wireless.
Many new applications are now being developed ranging from automation to exploration, from tele-­operation to autonomous collaboration within robotic fleet based on data exchanged via the network. Networked robots pose a number of technical challenges related to network noise, reliability, congestion, fixed and variable time delay, stability, passivity, range and power limitations, deployment, coverage, safety, localization, sensor and actuation fusion, and user interface design. In research on networked robotics simulations play an important role. Simulations are useful to perform as they are less expensive and far easier to setup than a real experiment. On the other hand robotic simulation tools often use simplified communication models as their focus is often more on robot control aspects. The goal of this Master project is to analyze the way in which a more realistic simulation model for IEEE 802.11 communication can be integrated within an existing mobile robotics simulation tool and to implement and verify the extension.

robotic fleet

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