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T. Sobottka, R. Leitner, W. Sihn:
"Methodology for the Development of RFID-Value Added Services to Improve Supply Chain Operations";
Transactions of FAMENA, 36 (2012), 2; 67 - 77.

English abstract:
Despite of the potential of RFID technologies to improve supply chain operations and control, RFID projects - especially in production heavy sectors - are often restricted to basic recognition functionalities, leaving much of the vast potential to improve supply chain operations and control unharnessed. This paper aims at providing a procedure to identify advanced value added services based on the RFID technology, tailor made to the companies´ specific requirements. Considering all relevant processes the developed approach ponders potential benefits from RFID-deployment throughout the Supply Chain. As a key element a case study for SME in the electronic component industry is presented.

RFID, supply chain, value added services, SME

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