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G. Lasser:
"Simplified Simulation Model for Radio Channel Simulations for Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems";
Talk: International Symposium on Mathematical Modeling (MATHMOD), Wien; 02-14-2012 - 02-17-2012; in: "Preprints Mathmod 2012 Vienna - Abstract Volume", I. Troch, F. Breitenecker (ed.); Arge Simulation News, Wien (2012), 416.

English abstract:
This work addresses the problem of radio channel modelling for the communication link between
tyre pressure sensors and a centralised unit in a vehicle. After a brief problem description, the
channel model is described. Further, the simulation model is illustrated which is used in a commercial
electrodynamic simulation environment to evaluate the influence of tyre rotation and steering on the
channel magnitude. Finally, exemplary simulation results are presented.

channel model, RFID, TPMS, ATMS

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