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L. Zhang, S. Roither, X. Xie, D. V. Kartashov, M. Schöffler, H Xu, A. Iwasaki, S. Gräfe, T. Okino, K. Yamanouchi, A. Baltuska, M. Kitzler:
"Path-selective investigation of intense laser pulse-induced fragmentation dynamics in triply charged 1,3-butadiene";
Journal of Physics B: Atomic , Molecular and Optical Physics, 45 (2012), 8; 085603-1 - 085603-12.

English abstract:
We experimentally studied proton ejection in the three-body fragmentation of triply charged 1,3-butadiene molecules prepared by intense ultrashort laser pulses using coincidence momentum imaging. The break-up dynamics along the four possible paths that a final set of three fragments can be reached is investigated for the three different fragmentation channels that are analysed. It is found that for each channel the two dominant paths are (i) proton ejection from the triply charged ion and (ii) a sequential path, where the proton is ejected from the doubly charged ion during the second fragmentation step. Based on the measured three-body momentum correlations and accompanying numerical simulations, we discuss whether the fragmentation dynamics, where the proton is ejected from the triply charged ion, proceeds concertedly or sequentially. We also investigate the dependence of the fragmentation dynamics on the intensity and polarization state of the laser pulse.

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