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V. Liptchinsky, R. Khazankin, H. Truong, S. Dustdar:
"Statelets: Coordination of Social Collaboration Processes";
Talk: 14th International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages, COORDINATION 2012, Stockholm, Sweden; 2012-06-14 - 2012-06-15; in: "Coordination Models and Languages Proceedings of the 14th International Conference, COORDINATION 2012", M. Sirjani (ed.); Springer, LNCS 7274 (2012), ISBN: 978-3-642-30828-4; 1 - 16.

English abstract:
Today people work together across time, space, cultural and
organizational boundaries. To simplify and automate the work, collaboration employs a broad range of tools, such as project management software, groupware, social networking services, or wikis. For a collaboration to be effective, the actions of collaborators need to be properly coordinated, which requires taking into account social, structural, and semantic relations among actors and processes involved. This information is not usually available from a single source, but is spread across collaboration systems and tools. Providing a unified access to this data allows not only to establish a complete picture of the collaboration environment, but also to automate the coordination decision making by specifying formal rules that reflect social and semantic context effects on the ongoing collaboration processes. In this paper we present Statelets,
a coordination framework and language for support and coordination
of collaboration processes spanning multiple groupware tools and social networking sites, and demonstrate its suitability in several use cases.

Coordination Language, Collaboration, Social Context, Groupware Integration

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