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K. Rasch, F. Li, S. Sehic, R. Ayani, S. Dustdar:
"Automatic Description of Context-Altering Services through Observational Learning";
Talk: 10th International Conference on Pervasive Computing, Pervasive 2012, Newcastle, UK; 2012-06-18 - 2012-06-22; in: "Pervasive Computing Proceedings of the 10th International Conference, Pervasive 2012", J. Kay, P. Lukowicz, H. Tokuda, P. Olivier, A. Krüger (ed.); Springer, LNCS 7319 (2012), ISBN: 978-3-642-31204-5; 461 - 477.

English abstract:
Understanding the effect of pervasive services on user context is critical to many context-aware applications. Detailed descriptions of
context-altering services are necessary, and manually adapting them to
the local environment is a tedious and error-prone process. We present a method for automatically providing service descriptions by observing and learning from the behavior of a service with respect to its environment. By applying machine learning techniques on the observed behavior, our algorithms produce high quality localized service descriptions. In a series of experiments we show that our approach, which can be easily plugged into existing architectures, facilitates context-awareness without the need for manually added service descriptions

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