Scientific Reports:

W. Dvorak, St. Szeider, S. Woltran:
"Abstract Argumentation via Monadic Second Order Logic.";
Report No. DBAI-TR-2012-79, 2012; 21 pages.

English abstract:
We propose the formalism of "Monadic Second-Order Logic" as a unifying
framework for representing and reasoning with various semantics of abstract argumentation.
We express a wide range of semantics within the proposed framework, including the
semantics proposed by Dung, semi-stable, stage, cf2, and resolution-based semantics. We
provide building blocks which make it easy and straight-forward to express further semantics.
Expressing reasoning problems in abstract argumentation within Monadic Second-
Order Logic not only shows that this logic can serve as a lingua franca for further investigations,
but also directly yields important complexity results. In particular, we obtain that
for argumentation frameworks with certain structural properties the main computational
problems can all be solved in linear time.

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