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M. Lackner, M. Bruner:
"A Fast Algorithm for Permutation Pattern Matching Based on Alternating Runs";
Talk: Symposium and Workshops on Algorithm Theory (SWAT), Helsinki, Finnland; 2012-07-04 - 2012-07-06; in: "Lecture Notes of Computer Science", F. Fomin, P. Kaski (ed.); Springer, 7357 (2012), ISBN: 978-3-642-31154-3; 261 - 270.

English abstract:
The NP-complete Permutation Pattern Matching problem asks whether a permutation P can be matched into a permutation T. A matching is an order-preserving embedding of P into T. We present a fixed-parameter
algorithm solving this problem with an exponential worst-case runtime of O∗(1.79run(T)), where run(T) denotes the number of alternating runs of T. This is the first algorithm that improves upon the O∗(2n) runtime required by brute-force search without imposing restrictions on P and T. Furthermore we prove that - under standard complexity theoretic assumptions - such a fixed-parameter tractability result is not possible for run(P).

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