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O. Moser, F. Rosenberg, S. Dustdar:
"Domain-Specific Service Selection for Composite Services";
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Volume 38 (2012), Number 4; 828 - 843.

English abstract:
We propose a domain-specific service selection mechanism and system implementation to address the issue of runtime adaptation of composite services that implement mission-critical business processes. To this end, we leverage quality of service (QoS)
as a means to specify rigid dependability requirements. QoS does not include only common attributes such as availability or response
time but also attributes specific to certain business domains and processes. Therefore, we combine both domain-agnostic and domainspecific QoS attributes in an adaptive QoS model. For specifying the service selection strategy, we propose a domain-specific language called VieDASSL to specify so-called selectors. This language can be used to specify selector implementations based on the available QoS attributes. Both the QoS model implementation and the selectors can be adapted at runtime to deal with changing
business and QoS requirements. Our approach is implemented on top of an existing WS-BPEL engine. We demonstrate its feasibility by implementing a case study from the telecommunication domain.

Service composition, quality of service, monitoring, service selection, domain specific languages.

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