Publications in Scientific Journals:

H. Truong, M. Comerio, F. De Paoli, G. Gangadharan, S. Dustdar:
"Data contracts for cloud-based data marketplaces";
International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering, Volume 7 (2012), No. 4; 280 - 295.

English abstract:
Currently, rich and diverse data types have been increasingly provided using the dataas- a-service (DaaS) model, a form of cloud computing services and the core element of data marketplaces. This facilitates the on-the-fly data composition and utilisation for several dataintensive applications in e-science and business domains. However, data offered by DaaS are constrained by several data concerns that, if not automatically being reasoned properly, will lead
to a wrong way of using them. In this paper, we support the view that data concerns should be explicitly modelled and specified in data contracts to support concern-aware data selection and utilisation. We perform a detailed analysis of current techniques for data contracts in the cloud. Instead of relying on a specific representation of data contracts, we introduce an abstract model for data contracts that can be used to build different types of data contracts for specific types of data. Based on the abstract model, we propose several techniques for evaluating data contracts that can be integrated into data service selection and composition frameworks. We also illustrate
our approach with some real-world scenarios and show how data contracts can be integrated into data agreement exchange services in the cloud.

data marketplaces; cloud computing; data contract; workflows.

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Cloud computing research lab

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Service-orientierte Datenintegration

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