Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. Schilling, U. Bletterie, H. Kroiss, M. Zessner:
"Adapting the Austrian Edict on wastewater emissions for tanneries as consequence of foam formation on surface waters";
Environmental Science & Policy, 23 (2012), 68 - 73.

English abstract:
The occurrence of foam on a transboundary river close to the Austrian-Hungarian border was a constant strain to Austria´s political relationship with Hungary. A one-year monitoring
programme linked the instream foam mainly to the effluent of three Austrian tanning factories in the catchment of the river. As all tanneries are equipped with wastewater treatment technology in accordance with the best available technique, an amendment of
the Austrian Edict on wastewater emissions for tanneries was necessary to implement foam-abatement measures. The changes in the Edict included the introduction of surface tension as an emission parameter for foam causing substances together with appropriate
emission standards to reduce the resulting instream foam formation.

Foam formation, Austrian Edict on wastewater, emissions for tanneries, water policy

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