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A. Papageorgiou, M. Schatke, S. Schulte, R. Steinmetz:
"Lightweight Wireless Web Service Communication Through Enhanced Caching Mechanisms";
International Journal of Web Services Research (invited), Volume 9 (2012), Issue 2; 42 - 68.

English abstract:
Reducing the size of the wirelessly transmitted data during the invocation of third-party Web services is a worthwhile goal of many mobile application developers. Among many adaptation mechanisms that can be used for the mediation of such Web service invocations, the automated enhancement of caching mechanisms is a promising approach that can spare the re-transmission of entire content fields of the exchanged messages. However, it is usually impeded by technological constraints and by various other factors, such as the inherent
risk of using responses that are not fresh, i.e., are not up-to-date. This paper presents the roadmap, the most important technical and algorithmic details, and a thorough evaluation of the first solution for generically and automatically enriching the communication with any third-party Web service in a way that cached responses can be exploited while a freshness of 100% is maintained.

Adaptation, Caching, Mobility, Proxy, Web Service, Wireless

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