A. M. MacEachren, S. Miksch:
"Guest Editors´ Introduction: Special Section on the IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST)";
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (eingeladen), 18 (2012), 5; S. 660 - 661.

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VISUAL Analytics is a relatively new and evolving field
that, at its core, is directed to the science of analytical
reasoning supported by highly interactive visual interfaces.
People use visual analytics tools, methods, and techniques
in all aspects of science, engineering, business, and
government to synthesize data into information and knowledge;
derive insight from massive, dynamic, and often
conflicting data; detect the expected and discover the
unexpected; provide timely, defensible, and understandable
assessments; and communicate assessments effectively
for action. Visual analytics requires interdisciplinary research
that integrates perspectives from information and
scientific visualization with those from cognitive and
perceptual sciences; statistics; mathematics; knowledge
representation, management and discovery technologies;
decision sciences; and more.

Interactive Visualization, Reasoning, Visual Analytics, Information Visualization

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CVAST: Centre for Visual Analytics Science and Technology (Laura Bassi Centre of Expertise)

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