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A. Tugrul, J. Lechleitner, M. Schuss, A. Mahdavi:
"Exploring the role of simulation in room acoustical retrofit of office spaces: A case study";
Talk: BauSim2012 - "Gebäudesimulation auf den Größenskalen Bauteil, Raum, Gebäude, Stadtquartier", Berlin; 2012-09-26 - 2012-09-28; in: "BauSIM 2012 - "Gebäudesimulation auf den Größenskalen Bauteil, Raum, Gebäude, Stadtquartier"", C. Nytsch-Geusen et al. (ed.); Eigenverlag / wissenschaftliches Kommittee der IBPSA Germany-Austria, 1 (2012), Paper ID 113, 5 pages.

English abstract:
This paper addresses the use of performance
simulation within the framework of a case study
pertaining to room acoustics. The target of the study
is an existing office area. The study involved
acoustical measurements and simulations, as well as
interviews with the occupants before and after
acoustical improvement measures. The results of the
study contribute to the discussion concerning the
effectiveness of acoustical simulation applications
and the extent of necessary simulation calibration
efforts in modeling the acoustical conditions in
existing spaces and prediction of the implications of
acoustical retrofit measures.

German abstract:
[none - see English version]

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