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F. Tahmasebi, R. Zach, M. Schuss, A. Mahdavi:
"Simulation model calibration: An optimization-based approach";
Talk: BauSim2012 - "Gebäudesimulation auf den Größenskalen Bauteil, Raum, Gebäude, Stadtquartier", Berlin; 2012-09-26 - 2012-09-28; in: "BauSIM 2012 - "Gebäudesimulation auf den Größenskalen Bauteil, Raum, Gebäude, Stadtquartier"", C. Nytsch-Geusen et al. (ed.); Eigenverlag / wissenschaftliches Kommittee der IBPSA Germany-Austria, 1 (2012), Paper ID 170, 6 pages.

English abstract:
Research on performance simulation deployment
opportunities in the building operation phase has
recently gained on momentum. Specifically,
simulation routines have been successfully applied in
the conception and implementation of predictive
methods for building systems control. Needless to
say, the quality of such a predictive control system
depends on the reliability of the integrated simulation
models. Thus, to ensure that predictions are
dependable, the incorporated simulation models must
be calibrated. Moreover, given the dynamic nature of
building operation and the boundary conditions,
some input parameters of the model may have to be
subjected to calibration more frequently. Hence, the
calibration task cannot be approached as a one-time
activity. Rather, it needs to be conducted on a regular
and systematic basis. Given this background, this
paper examines the potential of recurrent
optimization-based simulation model calibration of
an office area. The results displayed a noticeable but
not fully consistent improvement of the predictive
potency of the calibrated model.

German abstract:
[none - see english version]

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