R. Pospichal, G. Liedl:
"Simulation Of The Resulting Intensity Distribution By Multi‐beam Interference Of An Ultra‐short Pulse Laser";
ACTA TECHNICA CORVINIENSIS - Bulletin of Engineering, 5 (2012), 4; S. 85 - 90.

Kurzfassung englisch:
During the last years, the self‐cleaning surface structures of lotus flowers have been reproduced in numerous
ways on textiles or paints and other surfaces to reduce sensitivity against pollution which, in turn, allows a reduction of
water‐  and detergent consumption. Unfortunately, some of these techniques suffer from wear or are potentially
biohazardous due to the small particle size. We present a method to produce nanostructures on surfaces by multi‐beam
interference of ultra‐short laser pulses. Intensity distributions of various configurations have been simulated and show the
feasibility of the suggested process.

lotus‐effect, multi‐beam interference, nano‐structures, ultra‐short pulse laser

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