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J. Torgersen, A. Ovsianikov, V. Mironov, N.U Pucher, X.H. Qin, Z. Li, K. Cicha, T. Machacek, V. Jantsch-Plunger, R. Liska, J. Stampfl:
"High Speed 3D laser micro-fabrication of biocompatible hydrogel scaffolds";
Keynote Lecture: CAIM III Tercier Congreso Argentino die Engereía Mécanica, Buenos Aires (invited); 10-02-2012 - 10-05-2012.

English abstract:
Two-photon polymerisation (2PP) is already well established in the field of direct laser writing. Its unique 3D capabilities and the high resolution in the nm range make it attractive for a wide range of applications including optoelectronics and tissue engineering. The bottleneck of 2PP structures is their small size. The fabrication time of dimensions in the mm range took a considerable amount of time. A novel 2PP setup together with specially designed two-photon active initiators facilitates writing speeds as fast as 5m/s, two orders of magnitude faster than previously reported (50mm/s). These high writing speeds can overcome the main limitation of 2PP; the long process times.
In this talk, we will describe the configuration of the 2PP setup and the used initiator systems. A short overview of potential applications will be given, whereupon we will focus on the suitability of 2PP for biomedical applications. We will present novel hydrogel formulations based on natural and synthetic compounds which facilitate the fabrication of biocompatible 3D scaffolds with embedded living organisms.

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