Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

M. Leonhartsberger-Schrott:
"A service based quadcopter";
Supervisor: S. Dustdar, M. Treiber; Institut für Informationssysteme, AB Verteilte Systeme, 2012.

English abstract:
Over the course of the last years the quadcopter - a flying drone which usually stabilizes itself autonomously using four rotors and sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers - has been enjoying increasing popularity with the military, but also with model makers and hobbyists. Through Internetconnected location aware technology quadcopters are rapidly gaining even more autonomy.
This work explores the idea of a service copter, i.e. a quadcopter which offers a service-based interface to the outside world, thereby letting itself be controlled by other components in a service-oriented architecture. It accomplishes this by mounting a mobile phone on which specifically designed software is responsible
for turning a simple sensor platform into a service-connected drone.
The first part of this thesis describes the concept of service copters in-depth. It discusses how such a device may be integrated into service-oriented architectures and specifies the requirements and components of such a system. It also details two practical usage scenarios. The second part covers the design and construction of a service copter prototype by describing the utilized hardware
and how the various parts interact. Additionally it explains the implementation details of the prototype´s software.
In conclusion a short evaluation of the prototype and its applicability for a test scenario are presented and the findings of this work are discussed.

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