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A. Mahdavi, M. Schuss:
"IZ-CON: an intelligent zone controller for building systems operation";
Talk: ICEBO - The International Conference for enhanced Building Operation, Manchester, UK; 2012-10-23 - 2012-10-26; in: "ICEBO 2012 - The International Conference for enhanced Building Operation", R. Stewart et al. (ed.); Eigenverlag / wissenschaftliches Kommittee der ICEBO, 1 (2012).

English abstract:
This paper describes the concept of an intelligent zone controller (IZ-CON) for integrated operation of building systems. IZ-CON is intended to deploy a predictive control methodology with embedded simulation capability. Thereby, the scalability problem of predictive simulation-assisted control method toward accommodating large and complex buildings is addressed. Moreover, the IZ-CON is inspired by a specific approach to building's control scheme involving the division of the target building into a number of well-formed sub-domains. Toward this end, a generative scheme for representation of buildings' systems control architecture is developed that allows for a structured distribution of systems' control logic. The scheme is cogently derived from a limited set of initial relationships between two entity layers. The first entity layer comprises of building zones subject to environmental control actions. The second layer comprises of technical devices responsible for control functionality. The entire control scheme - including the IZ-CON nodes - is derived in an automated fashion based on the relationships between the above two layers.

German abstract:
none - see english version

simulation-based building systems control, zone controller

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