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D. Adam, M. Bouazza:
"Turning geostructures into sources of renewable energy";
in: "Proc. of Austrialian Geothermal Energy Conference 2011", Eigenverlag, Monash/Australien, 2011, (eingeladen), S. 1051 - 1056.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Incorporation of heat exchangers into ground embedded structures (Geostructures) such as shallow
foundations, pile foundations, diaphragm walls, tunnel cut-and-cover walls, tunnel linings and
anchors, is a relatively novel sustainable technology for the intermittent storage of energy in the
ground with a view of utilizing it for heating and cooling by means of suitable systems integrated into
the geostructures. This innovative technology can provide not only substantial long-term cost savings
in relation to conventional energy systems but also can make an important contribution to
environmental protection by reducing fossil energy use and minimizing the carbon footprint of built structures

Heating, Cooling, Heat pumps, Pile foundations, Tunnels, Diaphragm walls

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