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S. Schwarz, M. Rupp:
"Adaptive Channel Direction Quantization For Frequency Selective Channels";
Poster: EUSIPCO European Signal Processing Conference, Bukarest; 08-27-2012 - 08-31-2012; in: "20th European Signal Processing Conference, 2012", (2012).

English abstract:
In this work, we consider the calculation of channel state
information (CSI) feedback for frequency selective OFDM
based multiple input single output (MISO) wireless communication
systems. We focus on the quantization and feedback
of the normalized MISO channel vector which is required,
e.g., for multi-user beamforming systems. Such systems require
accurate CSI at the transmitter to avoid interference between
users. Our algorithms provide feedback information
for a subset of the OFDM subcarriers to reduce the feedback
overhead. Residual correlation between such CSI pilot positions
in time and frequency is exploited to improve the quantization
accuracy. This work is an extension of our previous
proposal to frequency selective OFDM systems.

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