Publications in Scientific Journals:

I. Gebeshuber, M. Roy:
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part C - Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 226 (2012), 299 - 302.

English abstract:
Advanced Materials Engineering is a highly multidisciplinary field that offers exiting oppor-
tunities for engineers, physicists, chemists, materials scientists, applied mathematicians as
well as researchers from the life sciences. Materials of a quality and functionality unheard of
just a few decades ago can now be calculated, synthesised, produced, characterised and
tailored. Designed materials such as functional micro- and nanostructures, hierarchical
materials and integrated materials are made from metals, ceramics, polymeric materials,
and combinations of these in form of structured or unstructured composites.
In the field of Engineering Science, Advanced Materials Engineering has made significant
progress in recent years. Once a kind of ``black art´´, Advanced Materials Engineering nowa-
days allows application of causal knowledge and the understanding of structure-function
relationships over various levels of hierarchy in the development of new materials for our
technology. To a certain degree the understanding of complex materials, structures and
processes as used by living nature has been achieved, and a regular transfer of knowledge
from biology to engineering becomes a realistic scenario [1,2,3]. The current materials
engineer is a person with broad knowledge and interest, and the ability to bridge gaps
across fields and applications.
TheNonferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC) in Hyderabad, India
has close relations to research centres and universities in Austria, especially in the area of
materials science and engineering, and in tribology. There are joint projects and active
exchange of students and researchers. In December 2010, NFTDC organised the two-day
``Indo-Austrian Symposium on Advanced Materials Engineering´´, with Krishnamurty
Balasubramanian as chairman, Andreas Pauschitz as co-chairman and Manish Roy as

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