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M. De Vos, D. Kisa, J. Oetsch, J. Puehrer, H. Tompits:
"Annotating Answer-Set Programs in LANA";
Talk: 28th International Conference on Logic Programming, Budapest, Hungary; 2012-08-04 - 2012-08-08; in: "28th International Conference on Logic Programming", Cambridge University Press, Volume 12 / Special Issue 4-5 / Cambridge (2012), 619 - 637.

English abstract:
While past research in answer-set programming (ASP) mainly focused on theory, ASP solver technology, and applications, the present work situates itself in the context of a quite recent research trend: development support for ASP. In particular, we propose to augment answer-set programs with additional meta-information formulated in a dedicated annotation language, called LANA. This language allows the grouping of rules into coherent blocks and to specify language signatures, types, pre- and postconditions, as well as unit tests for such blocks. While these annotations are invisible to an ASP solver, as they take the form of program comments, they can be interpreted by tools for documentation, testing, and verification purposes, as well as to eliminate sources of common programming errors by realising syntax checking or code completion features. To demonstrate its versatility, we introduce two such tools, viz. (i) ASPDOC, for generating an HTML documentation for a program based on the annotated information, and (ii) ASPUNIT, for running and monitoring unit tests on program blocks. LANA is also exploited in the SeaLion system, an integrated development environment for ASP based on Eclipse.

answer-set programming, program annotations, documentation, unit testing

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