H. Fischer, J.M. Simonson, J. Neuefeind, H. Lemmel, H. Rauch, A. Zeidler, P. Salmon:
"The bound coherent neutron scattering lengths of the oxygen isotopes";
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 24 (2012), S. 505105.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The technique of neutron interferometry was used to measure the bound coherent neutron scattering length b_coh of the oxygen isotopes 17-O and 18-O. From the measured difference in optical path between two water samples, either H_2 17-O or H_2 18-O versus H_2 nat-O, where nat
denotes the natural isotopic composition, we obtain b_coh_17-O = 5.867(4)fm and b_coh_18-O = 6.009(5)fm, based on the accurately known value of b_coh_nat-O = 5.805(4) fm which is equal to b_coh_16-O within the experimental uncertainty. Our results for b_coh_17-O
and b_coh_18-O differ appreciably from the standard tabulated values of 5.6(5) fm and 5.84(7) fm, respectively. In particular, our measured scattering-length contrast of 0.204(3) fm between
18-O and nat-O is nearly a factor of 6 greater than the tabulated value, which renders feasible neutron diffraction experiments using
18-O isotope substitution and thereby offers new possibilities for
measuring the partial structure factors of oxygen-containing compounds, such as water.

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