D. Adam, R. Markiewicz, M. Brunner:
"Block-in-Matrix Structure and Creeping Slope: Tunneling in Hard Soil and/or Weak Rock";
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, Volume 30 Number 6 (2012), ISSN 0960-3182; S. 1 - 10.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The city bypass tunnel of Waidhofen an der Ybbs (Austria) is situated in an intricate geological-geotechnical complex consisting of soil, hard soil, weak rock and solid rock. Marls and marly limestone (Waidhofener formation) predominate followed by tectonic breccia of the Alpine cliff zone, which is a tectonic melange zone. Materials of this kind universally have isolated interior blocks embedded in a matrix called ``block-in-matrix´´ (see Fig. 1) requiring a particular characterization of the mechanical rock mass properties. The complex geological and morphological situation required the application of various tunneling methods including open cuts, cutand- cover sections and the New Austrian Tunneling Method. During construction in creeping slopes increased movements were triggered, which required the installation of a sophisticated monitoring system. On the basis of monitoring data and additional ground investigations structural measures were assessed that enabled safe tunneling in the creeping slope.

Tunneling, NATM, Creeping slope, Hard soil, Weak rock, Block-in-matrix, Bimrock

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