Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

F. Torres Garcia, W. Kropatsch:
"Top-Down Tracking and Estimating 3D Pose of a Die";
Talk: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7626 Springer 2012, Japan; 2012-11-07 - 2012-11-09; in: "Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7626 Springer 2012", Springer 2012, Hiroshima, Japan (2012), ISBN: 978-3-642-34165-6; 492 - 500.

English abstract:
Real-time 3D pose estimation from monocular image sequences
is a challenging research topic. Although current methods are
able to recover 3D pose, they are severely challenged by the computational
cost. To address this problem, we propose a tracking and 3D pose
estimation method supported by three main pillars: a pyramidal structure,
an aspect graph and the checkpoints. Once initialized the systems
performs a top-down tracking. At a high level it detects the position of
the object and segments its time-space trajectory. This stage increases
the stability and the robustness for the tracking process. Our main objective
is the 3D pose estimation, the pose is estimated only in relevant
events of the segmented trajectory, which reduces the computational effort
required. In order to obtain the 3D pose estimation in the complete
trajectory, an interpolation method, based on the aspect graph describing
the structure of the object´s surface, can be used to roughly estimate the
poses between two relevant events. This early version of the method has
been developed to work with a specific type of polyhedron with strong edges,
texture and differentiated faces, a die.

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