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John Tzou, I. Pona, E. Placheta, A. Hold, M. Michaelidou, N. Artner, W. Kropatsch, H. Gerber, M. Frey:
"Evolution of the 3-dimensional video system for facial motion analysis: Ten years´experiences and recent developments";
Annals of Plastic Surgery, 69 (2012), 2; 173 - 185.

English abstract:
Since the implementation of the computer-aided system for assessing
facial palsy in 1999 by Frey et al (Plast Reconstr Surg. 1999;104:2032Y2039),
no similar system that can make an objective, three-dimensional, quantitative
analysis of facial movements has been marketed.
This system has been in routine use since its launch, and it has proven
to be reliable, clinically applicable, and therapeutically accurate. With the cooperation
of international partners, more than 200 patients were analyzed. Recent
developments in computer visionVmostly in the area of generative face
models, applying active-appearance models (and extensions), optical flow,
and video-trackingVhave been successfully incorporated to automate the prototype
Further market-ready development and a business partner will be needed
to enable the production of this system to enhance clinical methodology in diagnostic
and prognostic accuracy as a personalized therapy concept, leading to
better results and higher quality of life for patients with impaired facial function.

three-dimensional video-analysis, 3-dimensional, objective measurements tool, facial grading system, facial palsy, documentation, face

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