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T. Mayerhofer, P. Langer:
"xMOF: Model Execution based on fUML in the EMF Ecosystem";
Vortrag: Eclipse DemoCamp Vienna November 2012, Wien (eingeladen); 30.11.2012.

Kurzfassung englisch:
When defining a domain-specific modeling language (DSML), the two key components that have to be specified are its syntax and semantics. For specifying a modeling language´s abstract syntax, metamodels are the standard means. MOF provides a standardized, well established, and widely accepted metamodeling language enabling the definition of metamodels and the generation of accompanying modeling facilities. However, no such standard means exist for specifying the behavioral semantics of a DSML. This hampers the efficient development of model execution facilities, such as debugging, simulation, and verification. To overcome this limitation, we propose xMOF (executable MOF), which integrates fUML with MOF to enable the specification of the behavioral semantics for DSMLs in terms of fUML activities. In this presentation, we demonstrate our prototypical implementation of xMOF and show, as an example, how the operational semantics of petri nets is specified.

model-driven engineering, model execution, fUML

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