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S. Ohrhallinger, S. Mudur:
"Interpolating an unorganized 2D point cloud with a single closed shape";
Computer Aided Design, 43 (2011), 1; 1629 - 1638.

German abstract:
Given an unorganized two-dimensional point cloud, we address the problem of efficiently constructing
a single aesthetically pleasing closed interpolating shape, without requiring dense or uniform spacing.
Using Gestaltīs laws of proximity, closure and good continuity as guidance for visual aesthetics, we require
that our constructed shape be a minimal perimeter, non-self intersecting manifold.Wefind that this yields
visually pleasing results. Our algorithm is distinct from earlier shape reconstruction approaches, in that
it exploits the overlap between the desired shape and a related minimal graph, the Euclidean Minimum
Spanning Tree (EMST). Our algorithm segments the EMST to retain as much of it as required and then
locally partitions and solves the problem efficiently. Comparison with some of the best currently known
solutions shows that our algorithm yields better results.

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