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E. Ehrenstrasser, W. Spreicer:
"Defining Multimodality for Tangible Interaction";
Talk: Nordic conference on Human-computer interaction (NordiCHI), Kopenhagen; 2012-10-14 - 2012-10-17; in: "Workshop Proceedings 1st Workshop on Assessing Multimodal Interaction", Workshop Proceedings 1st Workshop on Assessing Multimodal Interaction, Kopenhagen (2012), 27 - 29.

English abstract:
Multimodal interaction still is a young research field, challenged by its complexity. In this paper, we describe our qualitative approach towards multimodalities and present our selection and definition of modes. We show the design and set-up of analysis-frames as tools for qualitative analysis to deconstruct collected data from our workshops. By introducing this multimodal analysis with two real
design cases, we provide empirical evidence to evaluate and improve our approach and to illustrate how further defining multimodality is essential for design practices to achieve usable and context-specific interfaces.

Multimodal analysis, multimodal interaction, tangible user interface, participatory design.

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Project Head Hilda Tellioglu:
Objektbasierte, interaktive Kommunikation zur Unterstützung des sozialen Austauschs im Alter

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