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C. Schoberleitner, V. Archodoulaki, T. Koch, S. Lüftl, L. Mateos, M. Vincze, G. Kuschnig, M. Werderitsch:
"Lead joint socket rehabilitation of grey cast iron pipes in drinking water supply systems";
Talk: Water Loss Europe 2012, Ferrara; 05-23-2012 - 05-25-2012; in: "Water Loss Europe 2012", (2012), Paper ID 68, 10 pages.

English abstract:
The project DeWaLoP leaded by Vienna Waterworks aims to develop a robot that is able to apply a sealing system to repair the joint sockets only of water pipes of about one metre in diameter. On the one hand a sealing material modification for inner surface application in pressure operating grey cast iron pipes will be developed and on the other hand a complex robot system is designed to perform several tasks like inspection, clean and restore. Seven commercial sealing materials with a broad spectrum of mechanical and physical properties were tested, whatever they meet the requirements for this application. For this purpose a series of testings like tensile test, bend test, adhesion tests, dynamic mechanical analyses, differential scanning calorimety and thermogravimetry were arranged. A change in mechanical and physical properties after water exposure could be observed: For example, a decrease in tensile strength and modulus of elasticity or a shifting of the glass transition temperature arise. Furthermore, the surface preparation and remaining contaminants, e.g. rust affected the adhesion properties of the sealant. That means tensile test values of pure sealant materials could not be reached because of untimly failure in the interface. Based on the results and the knowledge about sealing material behaviour a modification for this application is planned. The in-pipe robot will be able to clean the surface, ensure proper surface quality and apply a restoration material to repair the pipe joints. Additionally, the robot-system includes a conventional inspection of the pipe system that is carried out using a cable tethered robot with an onboard video system. An operator remotely controls the movement of the robot system.

lead joint socket, rehabilitation, grey cast iron, material properties, in-pipe robot

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