Contributions to Books:

F. Kayali, M. Jahrmann, J. Ortner, B. Felderer:
"Alternate Reality Games: Persuasion in Context";
in: "Applied Playfulness Proceedings of the Vienna Games Conference 2011: Future and Reality of Gaming", Braumüller, Wien, 2012, ISBN: 978-3-7003-1830-9, 253 - 266.

English abstract:
Given the problems with applying the concept of the magic circle to contem- porary alternate reality games (ARG), serious games and art games, this paper suggests a perspective which regards play as situated in an infinite series of inter- woven contexts. Building on this model and using the example of a hybrid exhibi- tion and ARG which the authors of this paper are designing and developing, sev- eral insights on how persuasive messages can work in ARG are derived. It is shown that overlaying different contexts results in new meaning, that players´ game literacy can be used to trick them and enables the game to reach out to dif- ferent contexts, and that by distorting context games can uncover persuasive messages and propaganda.

alternate reality games, persuasive games, serious games, magic circle, art games, persuasion

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