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S. Tauböck, F. Breitenecker, D. Wiegand, N. Popper:
"Integration of agents in discrete event simulation systems";
Vortrag: Winter Simulation Conference 2012, Berlin; 09.12.2012 - 12.12.2012.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this work an approach to integrating agent based modelling into a discrete event simulation system is
developed and tested in the course of a project done at the Vienna University of Technology.
Discrete Event Simulation can be efficient and fast but people´s behaviour and movement is hard to model
in such a system. It would be convenient to develop a model, where both systems - discrete event and
agent based - coexist. During the last years the feasibility of finding an equivalent discrete event model
for any agent based model has already been discussed and formally proven in several publications. This
implies that every agent that is part of an agent based system can be integrated in a discrete event system.
An application of this theory is introduced in this work, showing in detail how the agent based approach
was integrated in the discrete event simulation environment Enterprise Dynamics.

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