G. Schitter, J. Steininger, F.C.A. Heuck, U. Staufer:
"Towards fast AFM-based nanometrology and nanomanufacturing";
International Journal of Nanomanufacturing, 8 (2012), 5/6; S. 392 - 418.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Application of atomic force microscopes (AFMs) in production processes for nanometrology and nanomanufacturing is still hampered by the
slow operation speed, by the low level of automation, and by insufficient control over production parameters for material deposition. This contribution discusses some recent development to improve the speed of AFMs by means of mechatronic system integration to improve the scanning speed and the bandwidth for controlling the probe-sample interaction, as well as advances from MEMS to functionalise AFM-probes for selective measurements and dip-pen nanolithography. The improved performance and functionality of the
resulting prototype AFMs will enable better use of AFM technology in

nanometrology; nanomanufacturing; atomic force microscope; AFM; nanolithography.

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