Publications in Scientific Journals:

F. Mittendorfer, M. Weinert, R. Podloucky, J. Redinger:
"Strain and Structure Driven Complex Magnetic Ordering of a CoO Overlayer on Ir(100)";
Physical Review Letters, 109 (2012), 0155011 - 0155015.

English abstract:
We investigate the magnetic ordering in the ultrathin cð10 2Þ CoO(111) film supported on Ir(100) on
the basis of ab initio calculations. We find a close relationship between the local structural properties of
the oxide film and the induced magnetic order, leading to alternating ferromagnetically and antiferromagnetically
ordered segments. While the local magnetic order is directly related to the geometric
position of the Co atoms, the mismatch between the CoO film and the Ir substrate leads to a complex longrange
order of the oxide.

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