Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Amann, M. Cordin, J. Redinger, S. Stolwijk, K. Zumbrägel, M. Donath, E. Bertel, A. Menzel:
"Circumstantial evidence for hydrogen-induced surface magnetism on Pd(110)";
Physical Review B, 85 (2012), 0944281 - 0944285.

English abstract:
The surface of clean and hydrogen-covered Pd(110) was investigated by angle-resolved photoemission
spectroscopy. At a coverage of 1.5 ML, where the surface adapts a pairing-row reconstruction, the spectra
show a peculiar peak splitting of the S -surface resonance. The band dispersion of this satellite is parallel to the dispersion of the main resonance but shifted by 400 meV at T = 100 K. An interpretation in terms of magnetic
exchange splitting is supported by the appearance of a kink structure of the photoemission data around 350 meV
binding energy. This unexpected behavior for H adsorption is attributed to the reduced coordination of the Pd
atoms at the surface.

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